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What do you think?

2009-04-10 13:31:37 by Meflanim

Well I was just fooling around with flash when I start drawing.

I drew a Beretta m92f and I am pretty happy with the results :D I really didn't think I was capable of something like this.

Now i am thinking of doing some kind of a gallery, I also drew an mp5, a Deagle, SPAS 12, UMP, Ak-47... and maybe i'll add some music! :D so if it ever comes out, please, don't get it blammed.

What do you think?

I made a short animation once... not in flash

2008-07-29 10:54:28 by Meflanim


I have 3 animations in YouTube... well they're not animations, I just made some drawings in paint and ordered them in "Windows Movie Maker". The title is "Rescatando al Pingüino" ("Rescuing the Penguin" in english) the title is in spanish coz I am mexican lol.
The story is about a penguin who was a witness of an unknown atack and the goberment wants to ask him some questions so they send an agent (the black stickman) to "Rescue the Penguin" but there's another company who also wants to know what happened so they send theyr own agent too (the blue stickman).
Here are the links and the story of each chapter if you wanna check 'em out:

Part 1.- 7eVY (Animation in this one sucks) In this chapter they send the black stickman to the penguin's office to take him back to his HQ and ask him what they want to know but he was to late, there were guards from the other company all over the building so the black guy just shoots 'em all out of the fukin' way!.
On his way to find the penguin he finds a blue stickman so the black one does what he has to, he shoots him but OH SHIT! he didn't die so they have a short fight wich the black guy wins and he goes back on his search. He finds the penguin and gets hit by a flying M4 in the face. The penguin is tied to a bomb and if he goes to far from the bomb they'll have only 40 seconds to escape. The black guy has an idea and he tells the penguin to run away from the bomb and just keep running but he is to slow so he kicks the penguin and keep running. In the way out you see that the "dead" body of the blue guy is not there anymore but the black one doesn´t notice. They get out of the penguins building, alive, but the bomb doesn't blow up so the black one, confused, goes back in and see what happened and then the bomb blows up in his face. The black guy is knocked out so the penguin escapes to the black guy's HQ. A bit of time passes and he hears the penguin asking for help so he stands up and gets scared by the blue guy he drops the M4 the blue one catches it but the hero gets out and Mk 22 and gets shot in the hand by the enemy then in the head he throws away the M4 and says "See you in hell" (Nos vemos en el infierno) .:IENDI:.

Part 2.- R4wQ&feature=related (Improved animation and added sounds).
.:IStory: The black guy, with a bullet wound in the head, stands up and goes to meet up the penguin at his HQ, climbs down a ladder and finds out that the enemy company allready knew where the penguin was so the killing starts again... After 3 guys down he finds an old enemy... well a pretty recent enemy actaully I just wanted to add some drama :D anyway the blue guy says " Hi you idiot" and he wastes an entire pistol round on him but he didn't die he's getting closer and the black one is out of rounds so he kicks the "old enemy" and gets knocked out, he reloads his gun and keeps walking. Goes to the bathroom (now this part is funny but if you don't speak spanish, sorry you are fucked :]) the black guy shoots at the brown guy's hand then he says "Hasta la vista baby" (Do you really want me to translate that?) and empties another magazine on him so he goes to the armory he grabs a VP70 with stock, a silenced MP5 and a PSG1 (wich will never be used) he gets the VP70 out and walks out of the armory. In his way out he sees the penguin, he gets scared and fires a round they start talking and a guy comes in so he says "Cuidado, agachate" (watch out!, duck!) and kills him, the VP70 gets jammed so he grabs another pistol, they get out of the armory but he leaves the door open so the blue guy comes in and steals a sinper rifle with only one bullet and a micro UZI. Our Hero and the penguin get out of the HQ through a ladder and keep walking coz an helicopter is waiting for the penguin, they walk all the way to the helicopter but they didn't know that the blue guy was behind them with a sinper rifle. The penguin gets on to the helicopter and leaves and then, suddenly, the black guy gets shot by the blue guy's sniper rifle, he gets close and gets out an M79 (granade launcher) but the penguin shoots him from the helicopter, the blue guy drops the M79, the black one picks it out and shoots him killing himself in the explosion .:IENDI:.

Part 3.- XxbQ&feature=related (no music this time D:) In this chapter the black guy is in hell (Remember what the blue guy said at the end of part 1?) and the devil gives him one chance to get out but he has to comfront him. The devil and our hero chat about the reasons why he was there and stuff like that (this is one long chat, you may want to advance it up tu minute 1:20. If you know spanish I recommend you to read all of the dialogs to understand the whole story) he gets a gun out and starts killing living dead people, not zombies, (dude am I original!) and suddenly the blue guy appears from nowhere the black one shoots him and he discovers that bullets won't kill him, just nock him out for a while so the devil throws a sword at him and finally defeats his old rival... He keeps walking and killing. He kills some celebritys that are surely gonna go to hell or are just emo bitches such as: Oliver Sykes, Bill Kaulitz, Anahí (mexican actress, singer and bitch) while he walks he finds a lava lake and does not know how to get through when suddenly MTV appears from nowhere and battles the black guy with his manipulating powers if you know what I mean. He shoots MTV with the M79 and crosses the lava lake, alive.
He finally encounters The Devil they fight the black guy almost dies but has an idea; to launch a granade and shoot at it 'till it explodes along with the devil, he kills the devil and gets out of hell and goes back to earth.
He appears at the penguins house and some random stuff happens. Dang dang DAANG, dang dang dang-dang, dang dang dang dang dong *shoots* credits .:IENDI:.

If you steal this story I'll kick your ass the mexican way and that is NOT pretty

Hope you see them and like them. See you around guys BYE!!

I made a short animation once... not in flash

My personal Hedgehog Launch record

2008-06-30 16:45:06 by Meflanim

This is what I got in one single day in the game "Hedgehog Launch" here in newgrounds.
It may not be that big for some people but I am very proud of it :) Here it is:
Cash collected: $240.25
Time: 3:26.84
Traveled 64288 ft.
Maximum speed: 198 MPH
Height: 4427 ft.
Total money collected: $223000.5
Here's the link if you wanna play it:

See of you can beat my personal best :] BYE!!

My personal Hedgehog Launch record

Did you know that?...

2008-06-26 22:31:47 by Meflanim
Updated newgrounds nickname stands for: MEdiocre FLash ANIMator (Meflanim) no? well now you do :D and since I am so bad at animating stuff I may not be uploading stuff to newgrounds anytime soon or at least until I learn some more about flash. OH!! BTW I am not 18 years old I am actually 12 XD. I put 18 cuz I thought I wouldn't be able to watch mature animations and games.
My e-mail is: (don't ask why is my e-mail so stupid) if you wanna e-mail me or something.
Forgive me if I commited any gramatical mistake because I am mexican and I am still 12 so I haven't learned much of english yet. If I did commit a mistake let me know :D
See you around bitches :]