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Entry #4

What do you think?

2009-04-10 13:31:37 by Meflanim

Well I was just fooling around with flash when I start drawing.

I drew a Beretta m92f and I am pretty happy with the results :D I really didn't think I was capable of something like this.

Now i am thinking of doing some kind of a gallery, I also drew an mp5, a Deagle, SPAS 12, UMP, Ak-47... and maybe i'll add some music! :D so if it ever comes out, please, don't get it blammed.

What do you think?


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2009-05-10 13:58:13

by banned you mean blammed, right?

Meflanim responds:

yeah! sorry typing mistake D: thanks for the advise or whatever... crap i need some english classes >.<